Carton Flow Rack Systems

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Selectrak Carton Flow Racks

Selectrak carton flow rack installs into any suppliers new or existing pallet rack, allowing both pallet flow and carton flow to be utilized in the same rack system. Shelves and intermediate supports are not required. Selectrack’s flexible hanger design accomdates step, box, or structural beams for flow rail support. Selectrak converts static pallet racks into high capacity gravity flow rack picking systems. Gravity flow rack enables items to be rotated on a first in first out basis and keeps items visible and within reach at all times

Flextrak Carton Flow Rack

Flextrak bed carton flow rack is ideal for new or existing carton flow racks with variable SKU product lanes. Flextrak bed carton flow rack provides a full flow bed of carton flow. Since carton carton lanes are not predefined by roller width, no reconfiguration is required when carton and tote sizes change. Flextrak carton flow bed allows any product, tote, or carton to be placed in any location. Flextrak can be incorporated with pallet racks, mezzanines, replinish storage, and pick-to-light systems.

Carton Flow Rack – Traytrak

Traytrak carton flow rack is ideal for new or existing carton flow rackswith dedicated shelf frames. Carton flow rack maximizes pick faces when incorporated with pallet racks, mezzanines, and replinish storage. Pick accuracy is further enhanced when Traytrak is combined with a pick-to-light system.